Air Compressor

Air Dryer

Breathing Compressor

Chilling Compressors

Fresh Water Genrator



Hydraulic Motor

Oil Discharge Monitoring

Swage Treatment Plant

Oily Water

Oxygen Analyzer

Oil Purifier

Piston Horn

R.O.Water Plant


Welcome To Shah Parekh And Co.

Shah Parekh And Co. is an organization which is well equipped with dedicated team of well experienced staff to provide cost effective expertise in sourcing out and supplying various ship equipments, High Quality Used Ship Spares from recycled ships, marine equipments for marine colleges and institutions, spares/equipments for marine engineering and marine equipments from ships under demolition at Alang ship recycling yard.

If you are looking for a Used Ship Parts then Shah Parekh And Co. can assist you to provide the best Second Hand Marine Spare Parts. We also exports reconditioned ship parts to Philippines, Netherlands, Greece, Singapore, Germany, UK (United Kingdom) and all over the world


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